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Tips for a balanced lifestyle

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Hey Gorgeous People!

To do this mini project you will need.

  • Notebook or loose piece of paper

  • Any writing utensil

  • An open minded attitude

    1. Clear your mind of everything!

2. Take 4 deep breaths. In through the nose and out through the mouth. With each breath fill your mind with positive memories you have had throughout your life.

3. Take this time to gather your thoughts. Reflect on where you are in this stage of your life.

4. Write down a list of things that are going well for you.

5. Write down a list of things that you will like to improve on.

6. Pick out at least three of those things that you will like to improve on right now.

7. Next, in a very detailed plan write down what you will need to accomplish these goals.

Make sure to include a timeframe and deadlines so that you will ensure these things will actually get done.

(Deadlines can be pushed out as far you will like) (Make sure to place these notes somewhere that you will see them everyday.)

Congratulations you have done something positive for your own sense of well being.

Your're Amazing !

Make sure to include in the comment section how this mini project made you feel.

Positive & Negative emotions are welcome!

“Remember healing isn't a destination; it's an ever lasting journey that takes form in many different ways .”- Ke'Nija





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