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About Us

The Story Behind Intrinsic


Our products are honest and transparent, and so are we.

          You should know exactly what is going on your skin.


At Intrinsic, our mission is to provide compassionate skincare that nourishes and protects, ensuring a harmonious relationship between beauty and ethical values. We take pride in offering exceptional plant-based products, meticulously crafted with a firm commitment to cruelty-free practices. Together, let us forge a path toward a sustainable and beautiful future, where we prioritize not only the well-being of our planet but also the health and vitality of your body.


"As a child, I suffered from severe, dry itchy eczema-prone skin that followed me into adulthood. As a sophomore in college, I was impacted by the worse reaction of my life that lasted for months. Desperately seeking some sort of relief I gave into big-name brands that just worsened the symptoms. 


In need of relief, I began researching plant-based, holistic remedies and started to formulate my own mixtures. I fell in love with the gentle and affective power of natural ingredients and wanted to share that same appreciation for the intrinsic world with others."

- Ke'Nija Wallace, Founder

Ingredients for Healthy Glowing Skin

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