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Medical Diagnosis Mixing With THC The Original Pain Reliever

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Actual picture of my spine I also have scoliosis.

Hey Gorgeous, 

  It’s time to get deep, and personal. In today’s blog, we’ll be talking about one of my medical diagnoses and how it has left me with chronic pain that has become absolutely unbearable. We will also touch base on how I started infusing my body butter “Tranquility” with THC and how it has literally saved my life and given me some relief from my chronic stubborn pain. 


 Education Time! 

What is Transverse Myelitis? According to

“Transverse myelitis is an inflammation of the spinal cord, the part of the central nervous system that sends impulses from the brain to nerves in the body. The spinal cord also carries sensory information back to the brain.”

Pain, Pain and more excruciating Pain!

Since being diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis I now experience tingling, prickling, and burning sensations throughout my body. The pain levels on most days can range from 5-10. The intense amount of pain that I endure affects my mood as well as working my regular job and maintaining my business.

White Widow              

  Let the flower do It’s Thang!

Now that we have been informed about what transverse myelitis does to my body. We can now get into how THC has come to the rescue. Honestly, I have smoked a lot of weed in my day. As well as taking toxic addictive prescription drugs to try and combat the pain. On that note, it does not tackle the nerve pain I experience in a way that is safe and highly beneficial to me.

So I started conducting heavy research on ways to consume the flower that would actually give me some relief. Now you know your girl already makes body butter. I just needed to put the two together and boom we got ourselves “Tranquility”; a carefully thought out well measured and tested recipe for the infusion of THC and body butter. Applying THC tropically will ensure you're tackling the pain at its source so that you can experience relief sooner. Why not be well-moisturized while getting high?



According to “If patients have neuropathic pain, they typically respond better to THC,” Stein explains. That's because THC binds to the body's natural cannabinoid receptors within the nervous system and brain.” With that being said Tranquility body butter will be infused with Indica strains such as Blackberry Kush, OG Kush, and White Widow. Sorry guys CBD just isn't enough for this nerve pain!

These strains are proven to have the ability to give you a euphoric feeling that's able to distract you from the pain and put you right to sleep. The most unique thing about mixing the flower with nerve pain stated by is that "Cannabis is turning out to be a very exciting treatment option for this type of pain due to its ability to activate serotonin receptors and ease the experience of neuropathic pain." When it comes to using THC for medical purposes it's a fast-growing industry that's hitting the scene and replacing prescription drugs. The infusion of cannabis and body butter is the way to go if you're looking for direct quick long-lasting relief. Not only does this recipe work for nerve pain but it also will help control cramps, arthritis, inflammation as well as other skin condition issues. I hope this blog was helpful and informational and opened your mind up to other ways to treat your pain.

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