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Indulge your senses with the amazing texture of Soothe Face Mask as it transforms your skincare routine into a luxurious spa-like experience. Coconut milk powder, known for its nourishing properties, gently cocoons your skin, providing deep hydration and leaving your complexion soft and radiant.

The infusion of raspberry powder, rich in antioxidants, along with the goodness of blueberry and pomegranate powders, creates a potent cocktail that helps to rejuvenate and protect your skin from environmental stressors. These natural ingredients work together to promote a youthful glow, leaving your complexion looking revitalized and refreshed.

Escape into the delightful aroma of fresh berries as you apply the mask, letting the natural fragrances of raspberry and blueberry uplift your senses. The vibrant colors of these antioxidant-packed powders not only contribute to the mask's aesthetic appeal but also symbolize the vibrant energy they bring to your skin.

Soothe Face Mask

  • Start off with dry freshly washed skin. Next, use your eco-friendly spoon to apply to scopes of Soothe Face Mask powder onto your hand. Then use your spoon to run three scopes of water over the powder. Now, mix until a paste like consistency appears apply onto your face leave on for three minutes. Use two times a week for best results.

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